Karen Paul

Extensive experience as an HR Leader and practitioner in large, medium and small businesses. • Managed significant organizational change including job development, job restructuring, downsizing, performance management • Led organizational development and growth initiatives that required HR leadership such as mergers and acquisitions, start-up organizations, major recruiting and staffing initiatives • Managed employee relations that encompassed performance management, corrective action, policy development and adherence • Implemented numerous HR technology enhancements such as applicant tracking systems, performance management systems, HRIS, and benefit open enrollment systems • Developed and implemented HR practices and policies in various organizations (big, small, public, private, etc.) • Designed and implemented employee benefit programs In addition to my work experience I have a BA from University of Iowa and a MA in HR/Counseling from Roosevelt University in Chicago. I believe (and practice) that those people responsible for HR in the company should provide support, guidance and information to the management/executive team that enables the leaders of the organization to make the most sound and responsible people management decisions that fit their business objectives.

Company: HRInsights
Title: HR Consultant and Advisor
Location: Barrington, Illinois
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