Meet The Team

Jack Reich

CEO, Chairman of the Board

Jack's background is managing small and large organizations from 5 to 10,000 employees through fast growth periods, largely in the technology and services sectors. He's managed all aspects of organizations from sales to finance to marketing to capital ... to HR! Jack worked for some dynamic companies, including ROLM Corporation and MCI and received his MBA in finance from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business.

Jim Kindel

General Manager

Before choosing to be part of HR Insights, Jim spent most of his working life in senior management positions at Johnson & Johnson and Bayer (aspirin) in the US, Latin America and Europe.  He has lead organizations with as few as 7 and as many as 1,300 employees.  Regardless of the company’s size, its demographics, and varied cultures, Jim believes that the most underutilized but most impactful HR tool is the smile. 

Jim says, “A smile costs nothing, and quickly shows others how you feel about yourself, how you feel about colleagues and employees, and sets a positive and productive atmosphere from the start.  You should even smile at your competitors.”

Jim received both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Northwestern University, and now calls Chicago his home.

Michelle Binks

HR Advisor

Michelle, originally from southeastern Michigan, now resides in the northwest suburbs of Chicagoland.  She is married with two children.  She started in HR 20 years ago as a college co-op student for a growing manufacturing company.  As the company grew so did her responsibilities.  She fell in love with the ever changing side of HR.  Prior to opening her own HR consulting firm and joining the staff at HRI she assisted several companies with their HR needs to include O&S Manufacturing, LDM Technologies and Creative Foam Corporation.

Michelle enjoys helping other small business owners navigate through the intricacies of HR so that they can better focus on what they do best, run their business.  She feels that a hands-on HR professional can be the key to any excellent organization.

Charlie Crowther


Charlie is originally from the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.  He now lives on the North Side of Chicago.  While on the HRI team, he also works at Northwest Community Hospital in Human Resources and the Volunteer Office.

Charlie feels strongly that keeping your employees happy is the first place to creating or improving upon a company.  "If your employees are not happy, the people you're doing business with will follow suit.  Your HR people play a huge role in this because they are the liaison between management and employees.  They have a pulse on the employees and have the ability to recognize when something needs to change."  Charlie graduated from DePaul University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.

Julie Ganim

HR Advisor

Julie lives in the Greater Cleveland area, and has extensive experience in Human Resources and Organizational Development with a focus on talent management and related business strategies, facilitation of both strategic and organizational change at all leadership levels including C-suite interventions, design and implementation of complex enterprise–wide projects, cultural transformation and OD diagnostics.

Julie has facilitated training and information exchange by working closely with HR partners, business leaders and end users, and with project team members to implement organizational change. She has experience supporting global Fortune 500 corporations, as well as entrepreneurial and start-up organizations.  Julie’s specific areas of expertise include: high-performing work systems, recruiting and development, succession planning & performance management systems, lean manufacturing & transactional Black Belt, executive coaching and mentoring, labor relations and union avoidance strategies, organizational development, HR compliance & benefits design, team building, and change management programs.

Andy Kerns

Director, Client Services

Andy has experience developing and executing marketing strategies for a number of small businesses.  He has played an integral part in growing several Web-based start-ups and seeing them through to points of positioned acquisition.

Andy believes that Human Resources is essential to sustained health and growth of any business, and having personally endured the frustrations of big business HR, Andy is eager to help small businesses do things the right way.

Paul Kessenich

Business Development Executive

Paul joined HRInsights with extensive sales experience in the computer software and professional services industries.  Paul was most recently associate managing partner with Tatum, LLC, an executive leadership services organization for the financial and technology industries.  Prior to Tatum, Paul served as national account executive/marketing manager for Computer Discoveries, an eCommerce storefront, credit card processing and e-mail notification software firm.

Prior to Computer Discoveries, Paul was with Vision Enterprise, a small business intelligence consulting firm, PricewaterCooper as associate director of Global ALliances, Evolutionary Technologies International, Hardis Corporation, Synon, Sage Software and CGI Systems.  Paul was also the COO for Consumer Systems Services Group, a small private IT consulting firm in the Midwest.

Paul holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from DePaul University and a BS in Engineering from the US Military Academy.  Currently, Paul is also an Adjunct Professor in the Marketing Department at DePaul University.

Lori Moynihan

HR Advisor

Lori calls Madison her hometown, and has over twenty years of HR experience building diverse organizations where she hashad deep involvement in all aspects of recruiting, compensation, benefits, employee relations, performance management, and cultural development.Lori seeks to understand not only the business strategy but also the culture and personality of the business.  Thorough this approach, Lori has built a track record of success in restructuring, strategic planning, and improving team effectiveness in rapidly growing and changing environments.  She seeks to help small to mid-size companies grow while maintaining the personality within.

Lori has worked with many organizations throughout Madison and surrounding area in various roles from providing organizations with full-service HR solutions by acting as an extension of the organization and in partnership with the leadership team to offering knowledge and expertise to organizations in a variety of situations.  She has taken one start-up organization public and another biotech company through a successful acquisition.  Lori has even supported both national and global infrastructures in establishing new operations in Europe.

Chris Pett

HR Advisor

Chris is a native Chicagoan and loves the vibrancy and diversity of this Midwest metropolis on the lake and emerging center for innovation and creative start ups. His career as a learning and organization development professional started more than 25 years ago, beginning as a training and communications manager and then evolving into an organization development leader and talent expert. Prior to joining HRInsights, Chris led organization development and learning functions for a number of Fortune 100/500 companies in the financial services, telecommunications, consumer package goods and energy sectors. Having happily transitioned to an external consulting role, Chris has enjoyed developing strong client relationships with a variety of large and small, for profit and not for profit, organizations seeking to increase performance and maximize their mission-critical capabilities.

Chris enjoys translating challenges into opportunities. His mantra is: "potential. captured." When he's not capturing potential, he's exploring the art and environment of the Southwest U.S., and is continually learning from native cultures and their colorful, vibrant expressions of faith, spirit and closeness to mother earth.