Our Commitment to You

Why Us?

This business was built to provide small businesses a robust, flexible and cost-effective solution for managing HR.  Human Resources is difficult, especially when balancing the demands of your business.  We’re committed to translating your previous HR frustrations into business efficiency and making it a little easier to tackle the rest of your to-do list.

We believe that in strengthening our members’ HR departments, we will, in turn, help motivate their company’s growth.

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There are a lot of scary statistics about what can happen when you ignore HR; how about: over 40% of businesses lose in court due to failure to document inconsistent discipline among employees, and employees never receiving or signing documents.

With our service, you have the power to take control of your business by minimizing risk, cost, anxiety and legal fees.  If you’re looking for a comprehensive answer to HR that is easy, affordable and accurate – look no further.

The key to our service is the premise that each business operates differently.  You have the flexibility to pursue each of our services individually or in tandem, gaining the most comprehensive and accurate HR solution available. 

HRI Applications

Take advantage of Applications' unique decision-tree model to build the custom and compliant HR documents you need for your business. 

Enjoy unlimited e-mail access to our team of expert HR Experts.  Ask any question you may have and we guarantee a response within one business day.

One-on-one HR guidance from our team of Advisors on a project-by-project basis. Once your HR Roadmap is planned, we budget projects based on your organization's needs.


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