5 Question HR Quiz

HRInsights provides everything you need to know about HR.  And, we provide it with instructions, step-by-step guides, and even the assistance of real HR Professionals.  If you do NOT know the answers to the following 5 questions, then you may need HRInsights!

  1. Where should you send completed I-9 Forms to meet both State and Federal regulations?
  2. How do you calculate a cost-of-living pay increase for any given year?
  3. An employee arrives late for several important client meetings, and you issue her a verbal warning. The employee resigns. What do you do next?
  4. A snow storm causes one employee to miss that day in the office, but others manage to make it in. Do you pay that employee or dock his wages?
  5. When interviewing candidates, you should provide a "candidate package" that best represents your company. What should this package include?

If you know all of the answers, then congratulations!  Got lingering doubts? Contact Us, and we will send you the correct responses!  HRInsights is happy to help!