Frequently Asked Questions

We have a lawyer take care of our HR issues - what do you do differently?

Lawyers are great for immediate actions and helping you through problems that need addressing right now.

However, we've found that lawyers have particular aspects of HR that they focus on. So an employment lawyer will be great with how to hire/fire employees and dealing with employee complaints. However, they may not be completely focused on your total compensation structure, for example. We can help you with the ongoing maintenance of your HR program as opposed to dealing with issues reacively as they appear.

"Our company is too small to need HR help."

We have found that our smaller clients are often most susceptible and have the least room for error. We have an established track record of helping small companies address the unknown challenges of HR.

What's the difference between the Applications and the Answers?

Applications gives you access to DIY forms and self-guided HR procedures and process. Along the way, Applications will teach you why certain policies are put in place and when they are to be enforced.

Answers gives you everything included in the Applications plus unlimited access to HR professional advice.  Let's face it, in the world of Human Resources, we have seen a lot.  Almost every Human Resources situation HRInsights' clients find themselves in are unique for one or many reasons; there is never any simple "answer" to the problem.  Advisors clients can  e-mail our HR pros at anytime and as often as they wish until there issue is completely, 100% resolved.

Included in the Advisors is also a free HRI Healthcheck.  The goal of this service is to provide our clients with constructive feedback on their current HR practices as well as to recommend simple steps to improve its overall HR policy.  We ask clients to complete a 50-question survey which usually takes our clients 15 minutes or less to complete.  Once the survey has been submitted, it will be reviewed by one or more of our HR professionals who will provide a written summary with recommendations.  Of course, any ensuing questions can be addressed to our HR professionals to ask for even greater feedback.

Versus the cost of Legal Advice or 1 hour of an HR Consultant's time, even Advisors is a tremendous value.

Why should I pay for HR services for my small business?

Human Resources from some people's perspective is a "necessary evil" of doing business.  It's also not their idea of "time well spent".  Unfortunately, there are some significant and unintentional costs that you as a business owner or manager that you can easily avoid.  And, as a leader, you want your employees to be engaged and productive, which requires putting appropriate policies in place, ensuring that their environment is positive, and, quite frankly, understanding your rights and responsibilities.

Tangible Costs you could avoid (to name a few):

  1. I-9 Form mistakes = $1,000 per mistake
  2. Turnover of 1 employee = minimum $3,500 in lost productivity, additional overtime pay, increased unemployment premiums, job postings, interview time, etc.
  3. Wrongful Termination Suit Filed with EEOC = $10,000 to $250,000 (excluding plantiff attorney fee)
  4. Incorrectly kept employee records = minimum $10,000
  5. Sexual Harassment Claims (no constraint)
  6. Workers' Compensation Suits such as Overtime Pay Disputes (no constraint)


  1. Low employee motivation
  2. Employee in-fighting
  3. Employee slow-downs
  4. Employee theft

HRInsights can help you prevent these and many other costs.

I hate getting "hooked-in" to services that I just do not need. Can I cancel anytime, or do you make me sign up for a year?

We are confident that if you become a client, HRInsights will deliver exceptional Human Resources Services at an equally exceptional price.  However, HRInsights does not want money from companies who feel that we do not earn it.  There are plenty of "monthly deals for a 12-month period" out there.  We are not one of them!  If you do not want our services after you sign up?  Cancel at any time.  Sign up now and HRInsights will give your company a second month free.  You then have a whole 8 weeks to see how we do.  If you still do not want our help, HRInsights makes it easy to cancel with just a "click".

I have been doing my company's HR by myself. What value can this service add?

TIme you spend on HR could be spent elsewhere building your company's sales and revenues.  In fact, if you spend one hour of your time searching for the right HR form, an acceptable discrimination policy, an interview guide, or finding the answers, then you are already spending too much on HR and not enough on developing your business.

We provide everything you need to know about HR.  And, we provide it with instructions, step-by-step guides, and even the assistance of real HR Professionals.  If you do not know the answers to the following 5 questions, then you probably need HRInsights!

  1. There is a completed I-9 Form for a brand new employee sitting on your desk, and you have been meaning to send it to the right place.  Where do you send the completed I-9 Form (consider both State and Federal levels), so that you meet the regulations?
  2. Last year, you gave a minor cost-of-living increase of 2.3% to your employees, which you calculated based on real inflation at that time.  Your bookkeeper just called, and needs to know how much you want to make the cost-of-living increase this year to get it into the next pay cycle.  How do you calculate it?
  3. One of your employees has arrived late for four client meetings in the last three weeks, and you have given him a verbal warning.  Today, this employee just turned in his resignation.  What do you do next?
  4. Your non-exempt office manager has just called to inform you that her children’s school is closed due to the continuing snow and ice storm.  She cannot leave them home alone, and will not be able to make it into work today to help coordinate your big meeting.  Other workers have made it to work okay, although they arrived as much as an hour and a half late due to poor road conditions.  Do you pay your office manager even though she cannot make it to work, or do you dock her one day’s wages?
  5. When interviewing candidates, you should always have a "candidate package" ready to leave them with a professional impression.  What should the company include in this package?

How is this service different? I can get forms from many services.

Yes, you can get forms from other places.  Our difference is that HRInsights guides you through the completion of forms so that you do not make costly mistakes.  Take for example, "right-to-work" documents, commonly referred to as I-9 Forms, that employers need to keep current for each employee.  If these are ever audited, EACH mistake will cost $1,000.  In our experience, we have found that almost 75% of employers have at least one mistake.

Furthermore, our forms can be customized for your particular business and business policies.  For example, the HRInsights employee handbook is completed by you according to the policies you may already have in place already, such as overtime pay, vacation pay, sick leave, inclement weather policy, and discrimination policy.  Not only does HRInsights incorporate your company's current practices, but we also suggest other procedures and requirements that should be in place to ensure a well-organized and well- informed workforce.

How often can I contact an HR Professional for advice?

If your company signs up as a Premium Client, you and your colleagues may contact our HR Professionals as many times as you want.  Many human resources concerns cannot be answered with a simple "yes" or "no".  In fact in our experience, we will need to best understand your issues with clarifying questions, so that HRInsights' responses are accurate, complete, and tailored to your company's uniques circumstances.  As a Premium Client, you can easily access our HR Professionals via e-mail or by phone, and we guarantee a response within 24 hours.  If you are not sure, try us!  You can submit one question free by e-mail ( or by phone (1-866-506-4474).  We are happy to help!

How do I cancel my subscription?

When you are logged in, go to your Dashboard.  Click on 'Account Settings' in the upper right.  On the left side of the next page you'll see 'Cancel My Membership'.  Click that and then, only if you're sure, click 'Yes, Cancel My Membershp'.

How do I change my password?

In the right hand column of your personalized user dashboard, look for the link "account settings."  In the “My Account” tab, you can change your password as well as the email address and name associated with your account.