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Applications is our interactive decision-tree tool, built to help you create custom and compliant HR documents.  Applications will guide you through HRI's Employee Life Cycle where you will learn valuable HR management strategies to build and maintain your company's HR practice.

Experience the simplicity and power of Applications first hand – Try one of our sample Applications below.  Get guidance and find solutions to some of HR’s trickiest and most common problems.  Build and download the critical HR documents you need right now, risk free! 

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Here's a sample of the additional tasks you'll have access to when signing up for Applications.

·  Job Description & Staffing Requests                ·  FLSA, FMLA, USERRA, & EEO Policies               ·  Merit Increase Calculator

·  H-1B Visa Validation                                             ·  Onboarding Process Documents & Timeline    · Exempt & Non-Exempt Salary Structures

·  Offer Letter with Additional Legal Language    ·  Corrective Action Program                                      ·  Voluntary & Involuntary Terminations

·  Employee Handbook                                            ·  Interviewing Techniques & Strategies                  ·  Reduction in Force Terminations

·  Determining Exempt & Non-Exempt Status     ·  People Management Policies & Practices          ·  Severance Packages & Calculator

·  Employee Benefit Programs                               ·  Goal Development & Performance Evaluations ·  Compensation Administration Guidelines