"Judging Character"

If an applicant seems very shy, and is interviewing for a rather relaxed, outgoing, and social company, should I be worried? They seem to have great skills and abilities, but being social can be very important.

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I think being social is only important as it pertains to the job. If the position requires socializing, then it is important. Many employees keep work and personal life as separate as possible. Employees should not be evaluated on whether they go out with other staff members after work or socialize during work hours. Also the interviewing process is formal and most people are nervous and not as relaxed as they normally would be. Stick to evaluating skills, ability to work with others or any other soft skills that the job requires.

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Socializing shouldn't have to be a criteria for employment success in a company. People should have the opportunity to separate their business and personal lives. However, if an organization's culture is characterized by high energy and personal interaction, then a person that is laid back may fail in that environment. I'd be more concerned with that issue than one of being socially active outside of work. Another way to determine the match is to simply be honest in communicating what style is necessary to be productive in this culture, maybe the person would blossom having been "invited" to "step out."

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Great advice. This really helps. Thanks!

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