"First Full-time Job"

After graduation, willing I get hired somewhere, what are some things to look for as a potential employee? All I keep hearing is BENEFITS BENEFITS BENEFITS.

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I agree with what you are hearing. I think you should look for a "fair" base salary, but you should measure you total compensation based on benefits and their associated costs (or no cost) to you. This includes all benefits, not just medical and dental. Don't forget about time off, flex-time, holidays, sick-days, vacation, educational assistance, flexible spending accounts, 401k with or without matching, wellness programs, employee assistance programs and training. Also, I would ask around if anyone knows the reputation of the company. Find people who have left and ask them why they left. Even if they left for better opportunities, they can tell you what it was like to work there. My last suggestion is to look at the leadership team of the company and the financial stability.

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Posted on Jul 22, 2010

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