"Age Differences"

As a manager, I am having a lot of trouble gaining the cooperation and respect of people under me. I believe a lot of the hostility stems from the fact that I am quite a bit younger than most of the managers. The majority of people that report to me are older than me. What can I do to make sure everyone is working hard while trusting me as their manager?

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I was in the same situation earlier in my career, it's tough. But, while the boss/subordinate relationship must be maintained, bringing them into "my issues" and sincerely asking for their counsel periodically made them feel like they were part of the solution with me instead of me just giving orders. Also, winning over one or two usually brings them all along or isolates the people that will never respond - get rid of them. Good luck

Posted on Jul 8, 2010
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on Jul 1, 2010

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