"How do employees prepare for onboarding?"

My company has recently been hiring a lot of new employees and it's starting to be a little bittersweet. I'm thrilled that we're bringing in new people but I'm NOT thrilled that every time someone is onboarded he/she is individually introduced to every single person in the office. The tradition is getting disruptive and is definitely cutting into my productivity. How do I regain some of my day while still maintaining energy and excitement? Should I talk to HR about adjusting the onboarding schedule?

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That can be a tough situation... From my perspective, I would do my best to keep the introductions and conversations to a cheerful minimum. If you're still feeling overwhelmed, politely explain that you don't have time to chat right now but how about over lunch, coffee, after-work-drinks. Also, make sure your HR department is really only looking for a simple introduction. If you're meant to be giving a summary of your job function and how you will be supporting or working with the new hire, then you'll need to provide more time and conversation than just "hello, welcome to the company!"

Posted on Jul 10, 2010
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