"Sales People"

Finding young, smart and energized sales people is becoming harder and harder to accomplish. I recently spoke at a meeting of 40 young men (fraternity) at a good university. Only about 5-7 had any summer or full time job. Of the 40, NONE said they'd be interested in a sales job. No company can survive without good sales people. Also, there is no more difficult job in any company right now than a sales person - attacked by management to sell more and customer complaints for lower prices or postponement of decisions - lots of disappointments. Take the time to encourage your sales people, or soon there won't be work at your company. They need support from every aspect of our companies. Find ways to keep them motivated, please

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I would think a good comp plan would keep them motivated. Companies need to re-evaluate what the cost of making a sale is. Pay for results.

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Posted on Jun 1, 2010

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