"Fired For Missing A Random Drug Test"

I found this article is worth reading. If the manager and HR had just used common sense (recognizing the employee's request to leave happened BEFORE he was told about the drug test and not as a result of being told about the test) they should have never decided to terminate. Also, this is a good example of how the management (and HR) didn't understand the limitations of their drug testing policy. VERY Costly: time and money to defend http://hr.blr.com/HR-news/Performance-Termination/Employee-Termination-with-Discharge/OK-to-Fire-Worker-for-Skipping-Drug-Test/

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It sounds like the termination was a bit heavy handed, but it's interesting that the employee still chose to leave even after being notified that he could be fired for leaving without taking the drug test. Either way, the company is STILL dealing with this issue 5 years later! Proof that companies need to continually evaluate their policies in addition to seeking out legal advice before making big decisions.

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Posted on Mar 4, 2010

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