"What if I think an employee is flirting with my customers?"

I have a business with 9 employees. Most of them come in close contact with our customers often for more than a few minutes at a time. I think that one of them has been flirting openly with a few of our clients. I guess that I am okay with it, because I do not think there is anything illegal about it. But it has made a couple of my other employees uncomfortable to the point that they have complained that it makes our company look sleazy to other members. Anyone out there with some tips?

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The most important thing to remember in these situations is, it's all fun and games until one of the parties no longer thinks so. I would sit the employee down and share with them that you like the fact that they are friendly with your members/customers but that their friendliness should never be conceived as flirting or asking someone out. I would also highly suggest that if you do not currently have a sexual harassment policy you implement one to include general harassment, discrimination and retaliation. Additionally post this policy in a common area of the workplace (i.e. near time clock/break room), train all employees on the policy, and have each employee sign off that they have received a copy of the policy and received training.

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