"People Management Training?"

I run a small digital advertising firm and don't really run into what you would call HR issues that often. But as we grow (hopefully), I'll need someone to take care of them as they pop up. I do the admin/filing type stuff for our HR right now, but do I need someone trained in people management issues at some point? Can I become "trained" in people management type material?

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Any business owner/manager with a desire to improve his/her people management skills to help optimize the performance and productivity of employees can easily be "trained". People Management is one of the 4 stages in HRI's Employee Lifecycle, and, like the others, it covers a broad array of topics including Employee Communication, Recognition, Retention, Disciplinary Action, and Performance Management (to name a few). Without a dedicated HR Manager to back you up, it proves difficult to stay on top of all of this. Hence, HRInsights. For routine questions, clients find solutions quickly in the HRInsights "Answers" Tool. If your HR needs are unique and/or problematic, HRInsights also provides access to HR professionals who will personally address your specific issues. Try us out! Lastly, you have taken the first step by recognizing that good people management is necessary to running a successful business. Good Luck!

Posted on Mar 21, 2012
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