"Employee Stealing from Work"

I'm pretty sure I have an employee that is stealing office supplies from my company. Additionally, the employee is consistently negative at work. I'm wondering if stealing is an offense that I can generally fire someone for? I don't want to encounter any problems with this employee ... I'm not sure if it would be a smooth termination. Any advice?

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Yes, stealing is an terminable offense in any organization. Don't forget, it is against the law! A couple of things to think about: 1) address the employees negative attitude right away. Give examples and tell them it is not professional behavior 2) did anyone witness the employee stealing? If so, pursue terminating the employee 3) If it is just a hunch, take measures to watch all employees around the office supplies 4) if you are certain the employee is stealing and you decide to terminate, have someone with you during the termination notification. 4)Always have a well thought out plan for investigating your hunches and terminating. I always recommend partnering with another trusted business partner to assure you are being objective. Even the best of intentions are sometimes biased.

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