"bad mouthing company"

Was told by one employee that a 3 yr employee (receptionist) with history of negative facebook posts was saying derogatory things about our company and contradicting our company's mission statement at a promotional event a couple weeks ago. Was also told that this employee is going to use a competitor's services. When a representative from the competitor's office asked why she wasn't using her own company, she related negative opinions about my company. When asked about these things, she denied everything. I tend to believe the other employee because she had no reason to lie and the receptionist has a chronic bad attitude. Am I justified in firing her?

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Do you have a handbook that includes a policy on social networking? Has the employee been warned not to say derogatory things? So far all you have is hear say. You really have to ask has anyone else heard these things and who else should I talk with for my investigation. You want facts.

Posted on Jun 3, 2011
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Posted on Jun 3, 2011

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