"Harassment Claims - Need Advice"

I recently read an article that shared that harassment of female-on-male, same-sex harassment, religious harassment and intra-racial harassment claims in the workplace had risen significantly in the last 10 years. I am not an HR pro, how do you combat this? Should we have some sort of written policy on this topic? The article suggested that employers provide yearly training, but I'm not sure what that should include. Please share how you've handled in the past.

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Yes, you should have a written harassment policy. It should also include a statement on discrimination and retaliation. Although training is not a requirement per federal law, it is highly recommended by several government entities. I have seen where employers have won claims because they trained their employees on a yearly basis. Our handbook, which can be downloaded if you are a HRI member, addresses this topic.

Posted on Jun 2, 2011
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on May 24, 2011

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