"Manager driving home an employee after work"

I own a small chain of retail stores and I employ a manager and several employees, typically high school and college aged, at each. One of my managers drives a female employee home on the nights where she works late at the store (she doesn't have a car and the neighborhood is a little rough). Personally, I have no problem with this since I know the manager extremely well and would never suspect any sort of misconduct from him. But I can understand where it might be misunderstood by an outsider. Should I be concerned at all about a sexual harassment, eeoc, etc. lawsuit in my future? Would the female employee have grounds? I mean, I'd rather her be safe but I'd also rather not get sued. Can I accomplish both?

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The first thing that came to my mind was what if they were in an accident? Would you have liability? You definitely need to consult your attorney on this situation for those purposes. Just because they are off work may not mean you are in the clear. Regarding all the rest of the "stuff", I would recommend having a conversation with the manager which would include expressing appreciation for taking care of the employee, but also letting them know that they need to be very cautious about all of their actions when in this situation. There certainly can be some perceptions of this that would not be flattering. I would also proactively tell the manager that while you don't have any reason to believe anything would happen, you (as the employer) want to be clear regarding the sexual harassment policy and expectations of a manager. Additionally, you should advise the manager to make it clear to the employee that ultimately the employee is responsible for getting themselves to and from work. So if the manager is unable to do this, the employee will have to find other means. You need to be sure to have the manager own and control this situation appropriately.

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great advice. thanks so much for the help!

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