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When discussing a raise, is it appropriate to ask what the "need" for the additional money is?

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Do you mean is it appropriate for the employer to ask the employee "what the need for the money is?" The answer to that is No. You should focus on whether the employee is deserving of a raise based on the merits of his/her responsibilities, performance, equity compared to others or the need for retention of their skill set.

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I wholeheartedly agree. This employee does some great things, but nothing that would cause me to see an immediate need for a raise. With that being said, they have approached me about this many times in the last month. This leads me to believe that there is a need. While I am willing to consider the raise, I am curious as to why it is such a "dire" situation.

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I think I would have a conversation with the employee and ask the employee why he/she thinks they should have a raise. The response should give you an idea of what the employee is thinking. That way you should be able to address it as appropriate. For example if they think they are doing more than others, you can validate they are or are not...if they feel they are being paid under market value, you can validate they are or are not...if they feel they have skills that others don't you can validate that they do or don't...if they just want more money, you can reiterate your salary review process and timing. It will be worth asking and then you will know how to handle it.

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