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Breaking News

Latest news items in HR and Business.
49 posts with 63 responses - last activity on Apr 13, 2015
"Change management" - Anonymous

Compensation and Benefits

Paying and caring for your employees.
27 posts with 30 responses - last activity on Oct 24, 2013
"Workers Comp Rates in IL" - charlie0586

General HR

Discuss general topics related to Human Resources.
35 posts with 30 responses - last activity on Nov 10, 2017
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Add the right people in the right way.
22 posts with 36 responses - last activity on Oct 17, 2013
"Social Media in Hiring" - charlie0586


Kick it off right for your new hire.
9 posts with 9 responses - last activity on Nov 7, 2013
"FLSA" - charlie0586

People Management

Keeping your folks engaged and performing.
374 posts with 60 responses - last activity on Apr 15, 2015
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Never easy but sometimes necessary.
19 posts with 28 responses - last activity on Oct 16, 2013
"Succession Planning" - charlie0586



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Topic: General HR


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